Media Planning

Social platform gives a brand a great opportunity to communicate with its audience. But, people will notice it only if it’s unique and value laden. Every social platform caters to a different audience and hence your content should also be such that it matches with the profile of the social platform you are sharing it on. Our team matches the content with the best social media platform it is meant for.

Media Buying

There are two key attributes of media buying: strong relationship with the media owners and the negotiation power to maximize return on the investment. We offer our expertise in both areas so that you get to know about the emerging opportunities and leverage the best deals.We at Buzzooka do a comprehensive research for the intended target audience and determines what mediums will be most effective in reaching the largest amount of potential customers.we also do product positioning by choosing the right place within the media for your message to appear.

Ad Serving

Online advertising is the essence of your digital presence. We are pioneers in technology to place your advertisements on the most trusted websites. We provide you the statistics like the count of ads, best advertisers, choose the ads that helps your website to generate more revenue. Using our ad servers, you can save and gain more in a short span of time. Ad serving also performs various other tasks like counting the number of impressions/clicks for an ad campaign and report generation, which helps in determining the Return On Investment for an advertiser on a particular website.


We carry out audits on your digital hallmarks viz. website, facebook pages etc. and provide you data to identify the areas of improvement. We offer the most effective implementation of web analytics to prevent any discrepancy in data, campaign traffic loss and increase in bounce rate. With the correct analytics you can derive meaningful insights of your business.