BoomBox Reloaded Café


Industry: Restaurant
Discipline: Food and Beverages
Services: Branding Collaterals, Social Media Marketing
Initiation Date: July 22, 2015

Our Offerings:

Research and Analytics, Brand Identity and Design, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Brand Collaterals Design, Digital Identity, Brand Communication, Digital Marketing Strategy.

About the Client:

Boombox Café is a casual multi-cuisine café in Khan Market and Connaught Place. The BoomBox Café planned to re-launch the 5 year old brand moving a bit away from the Hip-Hop themed interiors to more sophisticated and premium look and feel with the name of BoomBox Café Reloaded in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. Music and art is the underlying theme of this version of BoomBox Cafe.


The objective was to start a campaign and create the awareness about the café in Delhi, especially in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, as this market is the new HOT spot in Delhi for restaurants & cafes.

The key objectives were:
• Build brand identity
• Increase the fan base
• High Audience Engagement
• Reach New Audience
• Create engaging campaigns
• Using word of mouth marketing e.g Updating reviews by food bloggers on Food sites like Zomato!, Hmm! etc.

The Challenge

The restaurant industry already has a lot of competition and established players in the market. The Biggest challenge was to set it apart from its other two sister outlets in Khan Market and Connaught Place. To build a credible and unique brand identity for BoomBox Reloaded Café was a challenge and developing a spot on campaign for all the social media platforms that are in sync with the brand. Our target audiences are of the age group 21-35 who are foodies and food lovers and it was difficult to grab their attention.

How we started off?

Logo: We started with giving and adding a "reloaded" look to the logo. We kept the look of RELOADED in the tonality of BoomBox Café, but yet we gave a totally different look to it adding a music disk in it.

Moving to Social Media

We started with giving an aesthetic look to the page with a cover page & display picture that drew attention to the page.


The Campaign:
Get Reloaded- We wanted to run a campaign that the audience can relate to. As our fans consist of mostly youngsters, our team came up with an idea to create a campaign asking them to RELOAD; switching to the REALOADED avatar from being normal & boring.

What is RELOADED avtaar? :
RELOADED avatar is totally "hatke" from being a normal person. A RELOADED peep is:

a) Always Hungry
b) Is in relationship with FOOD
c) Is a hardcore music lover
d) Loves only 3 F- Food, Friday & (Guess yourself)
e) Dieting is a total Bit*h for them

Why You Need To REALOD?
We gave our fans some very prominent reasons to RELOAD!

Rajouri Swag: As our main target audience was in Rajouri Garden, our team decided to start a campaign named "Rajouri Swag" to give a boost up the crowd of Rajouri Garden.

Using The Flagship #Hashtags: We used a series of hashtags with an idea that audience can relate and associate with BoomBox Reloaded Cafe.
Hashtag we used were:

Sneak Peek Look: We gave an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek look of the BoomBox Reloaded Café to create an excitement among fans by showing the interesting & amazing interior elements of the café.

Festival RELOADED: Our team gave a RELAODED look to Raksha Bandhan Festival keeping in mind the new trend (and fear) of BhaiZone.


The quality of content created and posted on BoomBox Reloaded Café social media channels was high in terms of creativity and branding. Content was strictly aligned towards Food, drinks, cuisines, Music and events with quirky and fun factor. The posts showed good organic reach and impressions on all the active platforms.

The Achievement

• We achieved a fan base of 1400 plus within 25 days.
• High engagement on Facebook posts.
• The post reach on Facebook showed reach of 1700 plus (unique people who see our posts).
• The tweets where retweeted and favorites by the influencing people like eminent food bloggers and web sites.