"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

With the same spirit , a dream was born to change the way people pursue the digital world, a dream to magnify the way, a brand is showcased, A dream to revolutionise the way Digital & Humans interact, a dream to take you to the pinnacle of imagination and help you take a deep dive into the realm of creativity. A dream where reality and creativity mingle with the leaps of buzzooka, We call ourselves the Digital Experience creators.


Tiptoe in E-commerce with Zoomaro.com, heaven for Photography Lovers


Moves to a standalone pad as team size grows
to 50 people.


Wins business and service excellence award for being 'the fastest emerging digital marketing company'


Becomes the busiest social media agency in Delhi with over 100 projects delivered in one calendar year.


Announces Brand management/Brand custodianship as a flagship offering and becomes a creative agency.


Becomes the busiest social media agency in Delhi with over 100 projects delivered in one calendar year.


Social Media Day introduced, a workshop for social media enthusiasts and digital marketers.


Corporate training Programs launched to teach designing digital media campaigns better.


Buzzooka became a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Solutions Company


Started Training for Corporate in
Digital Marketing


Buzzooka launched as an offshoot of TheKingMakers. Started operations in brand servicing, strategy building, etc.


Introduced trainings on Social Media Marketing for MBA & Mass Communication students.


Increased the portfolio of national level clientele and did a small stint for the Commonwealth Games


Started TheKingMakers: a marketing company to help SMEs sell better with a team of one!




Buzzooka has cashed on to the new catchphrase of retail revolution, e-commerce. In this era where people have started changing their loyalties from offline shopping to online shopping, with the onslaught of numerous online shopping sites, we leave you spoilt for choice through our launch of an assortment of e-portals that promise to offer everything on the shelves and beyond. We are also ready to host them through the most comprehensive hosting packages. Get ready to feast your eyes!








Cloud Staff is a method of downsizing the administrative processes that deal with human resources by combining outsourcing practices with technological development and collaboration tools. Employers who cloud source can directly manage and supervise their staff, instead of handing the entire project over to a third party. Cloud Staffing has equalized the playing field, allowing small business owners to cut costs without cutting quality. In addition to increasing profit, cloud staffing services are environmentally friendly and help reduce the global footprint. All business can be conducted virtually and remotely, without loss of time, data, or energy.


Somesh Jagga is a dynamic, young and new age social media enthusiast. He is a Digital Media Connoisseur and CEO at Buzzooka Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., a premier 360 degree Digital Media agency. He started his journey in the virtual world in 2008 with TheKingMakers and later got associated with Group M where he played a pivotal role in design and execution of successful digital campaigns of diverse industries like automobiles, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, lifestyle, retail and FMCG. Somesh later turned his passion into an entrepreneurial venture and founded Buzzooka Infomedia Private Limited with the help of angel investors and bagged clientele across all industries. Besides this, he runs training and workshops for educational institutions and Corporate.

With an experience of over half a decade, Somesh keeps himself up to date with the rapidly paced digital world with diligent research stimulated by his never ending quest for knowledge and creativity. What gives him an edge over others is the opportunity to implement his learnings on real time campaigns which are designed and delivered by client servicing sector of Buzzooka under his guidance. Hence he is able to differentiate between hypothetical and applicable ideas. His workshops are an essence of the long and hard toiled hours of research, findings and applications.

Somesh is up for a conversation, here is how you can get in touch with him:
+61 449 648 160 | +91 99110 32000

BUSINESS HEAD - New Business & Client Servicing

Ojasvi Sharma, is an innovator, self-starter and process oriented person. Possess expertise in working in multicultural environments with the distinction of understanding & exploring new markets for businesses growth and set up / streamline operations. An exceptional communicator and negotiator with demonstrated skills in making tactical plans and strategic plans of business as well as developing large diversified teams.

He is a technology enthusiast with experience in Business Planning, Business Strategy and Business Development. He believes in continued handwork with utter honesty and transparency. He loves challenges and enjoys meeting them head-on. And comes back with the most feasible solution with the least Turn Around Time.

He has been able to serve a lot of clients from various domains such as educational institutions, restaurants, automobiles, service industry and many more to name. Before starting any new thing for his clients, he believes in carrying out complete analysis for the same.

Connect with Ojasvi at ojasvi.sharma@buzzooka.in