Chokhi Dhani


Industry: Restaurant
Discipline: Food and Beverages
Services: Social Media Marketing

Our Client:

ChokhiDhaniSonipat is a unique entertainment concept, set in ethnic Rajasthani village theme. It is a one-stop destination for fun, food and entertainment.

ChokhiDhani village brings to life, a colorful Rajasthani heritage that leaves its visitors awestruck with all the attractions and elements of ethnic culture and tradition. It is a one-stop destination for fun, food and entertainment concept set in ethnic Rajasthani village theme.

CEO Chokhi Dhani Sonipat

"Team Buzzooka is too good
at their work. They are efficient
in meeting deadlines. Ever since
they have started handling
ChokhiDhani's Facebook page,
we have experienced a major
increase in the footfall."



The objective was to start a campaign and create awareness about the place amongst audience by campaigns targeting the right target group.

The key objectives were:
• Brand Building and increase the fan base
• Audience engagement
• Reach new audience
• Brand humanization
• Beat Competition
• Create viral campaigns

The Challenge

Hospitality industry is full of well-established restaurants and eating joints that have been quite popular in the industry since many years. The footfall at these places is quite high. Whereas, ChokhiDhani is a comparatively new theme based place. The Facebook pages of competitors have large fan base. In today's world where most of the people like party places, it was quite difficult to make an identity for a Rajasthani themed place.

It was quite difficult to grab the attention of the target audience. Lot of research and analysis was required to target the right group.


• We did a complete research and analysis of the similar pages.
• We kept an eye on the competitors to grab the frequency of their activity.
• We used the uniqueness of ChokhiDhanii.e. Rajasthani Culture and Tradition as the main marketing tool.
• After all the research work, strategy was formulated to achieve specific measurable goals.
• Objectives for creating the page were set.
• Page management roles and responsibilities were divided accordingly.

We conducted a complete research to identify the USPs, visitor's expectations etc. We went for a visit to the client's theme based restaurant. This was done to identify the USP and also to identify the types of customers that visits the place. Also we had a word with some of the visitors to know how active they were on the social platforms and how it influenced their decision-making.

It was important to create the page that aligns with the brand identity of ChokhiDhaniSonipat. The motive was to give the page a sense of tonality. Keeping in mind the theme of ChokhiDhani, a particular frame was designed which is used on each and every post of the page along with the logo. This gave the page a sense of consistency.

We used particular hashtags associated with the place. For eg.

Promotion of collection:
The major audiences on the page are women. We post the latest collection of Lalit Dalmia to keep audience aware of the designer’s creativity. The designs keep audience interested in the page as well as the brand.

Special Occassions
Audience is wished on every special occasion like Holi, Diwali, Women's Day etc. This keep fans engaged with the page as well as help in humanizing the brand.

The Campaigns

Promotion of Kasbah Resort
A new resort named "The Kasbah Resort" has been started at ChokhiDhani. This resort is promoted through Facebook posts. This is to make audience aware of this new add on and the increase the footfall.

Rajasthani Delicacies
The famous Rajasthani dishes were published on Facebook. As ChokhiDhani is a Rajasthani themed village restaurant, this campaign was launched to make audience familiar with Rajasthani food.

Shaan of Rajasthan

Shaan of Rajasthan is a campaign highlighting the famous monuments of Rajasthan. The idea behind this campaign is to make audience familiar with Rajasthani culture and monuments.

The Contests

Folk Mania

A contest named "Folk Mania" was launched. Audience had to guess the famous dance forms of Rajasthan. The ideology behind the contest was to increase the engagement on the page. Two winners were announced at the end of the contest. Shout out posts were posted before the contest got started.

The engagement during the contest was quite high. Total 152 entries were received for the contest.

Mother's Day Contest

Mother's Day Contest was launched around Mother's Day. This contest encouraged audience to express their love for their mothers. Shout out post was posted before the contest. After the contest ended, winners were announced.

Rang De Fiesta Contest

Rang de Fiesta Contest was launched around Holi. Audience had to guess the food item in the picture. The food items were one of the dishes served at ChokhiDhaniSonipat. This contest grabbed high engagement.

A good engagement was received during Rang de Fiesta Contest. Total of 142entries were received.

The Result

The content on ChokhiDhaniSonipat Page is strictly confined to Rajasthani culture. Its driving high organic engagement because of the target specific campaigns and content. ChokhiDhani has a fan base of over 27,000 plus on Facebook.

3x Footfall|32% Increase in revenue

The Achievement

• The Facebook page fan base increased to 27,00 plus.
• The post reach on Facebook showed reach of 1400 plus (unique people who see our posts)
• Almost 8,65,000 of impressions seen of any content associated with the ChokhiDhaniSonipat's Page.This is for a period of 180 days.
• There are more than 11,000 check ins on Facebook for Chokhi Dhani Sonipat
• During Folk Mania Contest, the daily page engaged users increased to 175. The total reach of the page for that period was 23151. The total impressions during the contest jumped to 70563.
• During Rang de Fiesta Contest, the daily page engage users were 353. The total reach of the page for that period was 24113. The total impressions during the contest increased to 75708.