Digital media revolves around the Internet, which has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful marketing medium. Digital media has revolutionized the world with its appreciable reach and outrageous results.

"India’s internet population is third largest in the world after China & USA and the internet users in India are growing by 1,500,000 every month!"

Digital media spreads your business to a larger audience through your website and enhances your presence across various social platforms like Facebook, twitter, linked in etc. being accessed via smartphones. It makes your business accessible 24X7 unlike conventional methods. It helps you reach across demographic boundaries and boost up your customer base and make a mark on the global front.

"India’s smartphone population is expected to double this year, from 156,000,000 to 364,000,000, thus would surpass US by end of 2014!"

Absolutely not! It is the beauty of digital media that makes it fit for every kind of budget from startups to big business houses. There are options for every kind of budget and we will help you in getting out maximum from the digital media as per your monetary health. Just give us a call/leave a query so that our experts assist you in the best possible manner.

"Online ad spend equates to around 11% of offline ad spend in India! 41% marketers have saved more money from digital marketing strategies than traditional marketing!"

It’s all about building relationships through social media channels and bring visitors to your website. It matters a lot to connect with the right people to grow a healthy business. We will help you in capturing a customer base via emails and other electronic mediums to promote your product and services.

"India adds a new internet user every 2 seconds!"

Our forte lies in web solutions, social media services, digital solutions, mobile and E-commerce services. We also have expertise in Online Reputation Management, Content creation & Brand Management. You may visit our offerings tab to have a walk through about our products and services.

"Online Advertising in India is growing at an annual rate of 25%!"

Though it is not a magic wand that will change your fortunes overnight, it will help you establish your brand in the digital world and get you visitors from across different geographies in a short span of time. It is a process of building a strong community of followers that would help you reap the profits in the long run.

"Google and Facebook together, account for 60% of India’s online advertising market!"

We have various workshop modules designed for different industries viz. healthcare, retail, fashion etc. Each workshop will cover the aspects of social media ambit complimented by the expert talks and discussions on the specific industry, dedicated for the day. You can visit our workshop page to get all the information about the schedule and complete process.

"India is predicted to be the top Facebook user by 2015"

That will be taken care by us, if you have any idea of social media, good for you and if not then we are here to get you acquainted. Our workshops will help you, master the basics to get started and if you are already using social media, we can teach you tips, tricks & strategies to maximize the benefits you get by investing your time in social media.

"Indians spent whopping 807,200,000 minutes on the ESPN during 2011 ICC world cup which adds upto 150 years"

Our workshops will help you understand the best social media platform for your business and ways to leverage them. They will help you identify the latest trends in social media pertaining to different sectors. Workshops will help you gauge the amount of time, money to invest in social media. Above all, as these workshops invites eminent business personalities and speakers from the industry, it’s a place to strengthen your network.

"60% of social networking traffic comes from non-metro cities in India. However the highest traffic comes from the metros i.e. Mumbai"

Every workshop module has a different cost. You can find the details on our workshop page. We have special drives for students, corporates and individuals. Most importantly the benefit you will derive from it will be amazing. You will see that for yourself once you attend a workshop session.

"Facebook pages that get more than 1,000 likes gets nearly 1,400 website visit a day!"

It depends on the scope of the project, i.e. number of days, participants, sessions, instructors are included and whether travel is involved or not.

"Facebook has 45 million, twitter has 15 million and LinkedIn has 45 million users in India"

Social media is a phenomenal tool, which if used effectively could work wonders for individuals and brands. Everyone can use it and benefit from it. We conduct these workshops to make people realize the potential of this platform.

"Facebook is the top priority for 80% people to get connected to brand than any other social networking sites!"

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