Fork You Too


Industry: Restaurant
Discipline: Food and Beverages
Services: Social Media Marketing, Website, Branding Collaterals
Initiation Date: 9th January 2015
Our Offerings: Research and Analytics, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Brand Identity and Design, Brand Collaterals Design, Digital Identity, Brand Communication, Digital Marketing Strategy.

About the Client:

Fork You Too is a casual dining café serving a wide range of cuisines at the heart of Gurgaon. The handcrafted burgers are seared and seasoned to perfection, using fresh and premium ingredients, making it best burgers in the city. They just don’t stop at burgers. The cocktails are made and served to perfection and with this all salads and soup, is made with only the freshest greens and ingredients which gives the café a fine dining place in Delhi NCR.


The objective was to start a campaign and create the awareness about the café in Delhi and Gurgaon by campaigns targeting the right target group.

• The key objectives were
• Build brand and increase the fan base
• Audience engagement
• Reach new audience
• Create viral campaigns
• Using word of mouth marketing e.g Updating reviews by food bloggers on Food sites like Hmm!, Zomato! Etc.

The Challenge:

The restaurant industry already has a lot of competition and established players in social media. To build a credible and unique brand identity for Fork You Too was a challenge and developing a spot on campaign for all the social media platforms that are in sync with the brand. Our target audiences are foodies and food lovers and it was difficult to grab their attention.

How we did it?

We started with campaigns that drew engagement on the page and increased the reach and traffic of the page.

How we started off?

Tonality: It was important to create the page that aligns with the brand identity of Fork You Too. The motive was to give the page a sense of tonality on all the active platforms. To achieve the same the posts for events, campaigns were designed in yellow color which gave the page a sense of consistency.

Using a Flagship Font: We used specific fonts like Nexa and Dynamo with an idea that audience can relate and associate with Fork You Too.

Playing Around USPs: The major audience on the page is from the age group of 18years – 24years, who are extensively active on Social media platforms. We focused on the USPs of the café and worked around the same with posts and graphics. Keeping in mind the target audience the posts were created which are quirky and funny to maintain high engagement on the page.

Promoting The Events: The café events were promoted on the page to gain the engagement and eventually getting the audience to attend the events at the café.

The Campaign:

"Forking Bollywood Posters"- We wanted to run a campaign that the audience can relate to. As our fans consist of mostly youngsters, our team came up with an idea to create a campaign around Bollywood movies posters and give them a Fork You Too style twist. We researched hundreds of Bollywood posters and finally shortlisted few among them which could finally be included in the campaign. To relate to the posters the posts were uploaded with the famous dialog from the movie which was re- scripted Fork You Too style.

Man vs Food- Fork You Too with the food blogging website Hmm! organized an event at the restaurant called ‘Man vs Food’. The event was heavily promoted on all the active platforms for the restaurant which led to the huge success of the event. The creative’s were designed to soar up hype and excitement in the audience for the event. The idea behind campaign was to pose the food as a challenge for the participants and leaving the hint to the audience what do they can accept at the event. The series of post were updated promoting the Hmm! And Fork You Too with keeping in mind the brand.

Forked with Hollywood- After the success of the ‘Forking Bollywood Posters’ we shifted our interest towards the Hollywood. To give it a variation from the earlier campaign we researed and came up with the idea to re- create the famous Hollywood one liners from the famous movies. We designed and ran a week long campaign with the punch line of Forked with Hollywood. The campaign was able to bring huge traffic on the page and increased the impression and engagement with the audience.


The quality of content created and posted on Fork You Too social media channels was high in terms of creativity and branding. Content was strictly aligned towards Food, drinks, cuisines and events with quirky and fun factor. The posts showed good organic reach and impressions on all the active platforms. Fork You Too has a fan base of over 25,000 plus on Facebook, 200 plus Followers on Twitter, and 250 plus followers on Instagram.


We created an impressive website for the café to improve the brand identity which was theme based in sync with the social media platforms.

Branding Collaterals:

We designed and created Tent cards and hoarding for the café. As an offline marketing and promotion the brand identity was maintained in the same.

The Achievement:

The Facebook page fan base increased to 25,000 plus. Twitter followers have increased to 200 plus with Instagram followers over 250.
• The post reach on Facebook showed reach of 6000 plus (unique people who see our posts).
• The tweets where retweeted and favorites by the influencing people like eminent food bloggers and web sites.
• 1 million total reach and organic reach of .2 million on Facebook.
• The 1.4 million of impressions seen of any content associated with Fork You Too Page.
• The Instagram received over 900 likes and 80 comments on the campaigns we posted.