Lalit Dalmia


Industry: Designer Fashion Wear
Discipline: Fashion Clothing and Apparels
Services: Ethnic Designer Wear, Fashion Accessory, Customized Apparels

Our Client:

Lalit Dalmia, a creative and self taught talent from Hisar has left the world awestruck with his powerful and unique vision. He has shown how his elegant designs for women can take luxury to the pinnacle.

He is well known for his glamorous and sophisticated fusion of distinctive and modern designs. Lalit experiments around unusual fabrics and textures to create a masterpiece that takes his clients back to the Victorian and Mughal period.


"Working with Buzzooka
is an ultimate experience.
They have never let me down.
Their unique techniques have
given a great boost to
my brand identity."



The objective was to start a campaign and create the awareness about designer amongst women by campaigns targeting the right target group.

The key objectives were:
• Brand Building and increase the fan base
• Audience engagement
• Reach new audience
• Brand humanization
• Beat Competition
• Create viral campaigns

The Challenge

Fashion industry is full of well-established designers who have been quite popular in the industry since many years. The Facebook pages of these designers have large fan base. In such a scenario it was quite a challenge to build a credible and unique identity for Lalit Dalmia.

It was quite difficult to grab the attention of the target audience. Lot of research and analysis was required to target the right group.


• We did a complete research and analysis of the similar pages.
• We kept an eye on the competitors to grab the frequency of their activity.
• After all the research work, strategy was formulated to achieve specific measurable goals.
• Objectives for creating the page were set.
• Page management roles and responsibilities were divided accordingly.

We conducted a complete research to identify the USPs, Customer needs etc. We went for a mystery shopping session at the client’s showroom. This was done to identify the USP and also to identify the types of customers that visits the showroom. Also we had a word with some of the customers to know how active they were on the social platforms and how it influenced their decision-making. A proper photo shoot was done to provide audience a glimpse of the latest Lalit Dalmia’s collection.

It was important to create the page that aligns with the brand identity of Lalit Dalmia. The motive was to give the page a sense of tonality. Keeping this in mind, a particular frame was designed which is used on each and every post of the page along with the logo. This gave the page a sense of consistency.

Using Hash tags associated with days:
We used particular hashtags for particular days. For eg.

Using a Flagship Font:
We used specific fonts like Optimus Princeps Semi Bold and Ariel with an idea that audience can relate and associate with Lalit Dalmia.

Promotion of collection:
The major audiences on the page are women. We post the latest collection of Lalit Dalmia to keep audience aware of the designer’s creativity. The designs keep audience interested in the page as well as the brand.

Promotion of Events:
The events where the designer was showcasing his collection were promoted through Facebook posts. This was done to make audience aware of the related events and increasing the footfall of such events.

The Campaigns

Throwback Thursday:
Lalit Dalmia page is all about fashion and style. Keeping this in mind a campaign named throwback Thursday is being run on the page. In this campaign, we showcase some of the iconic Bollywood looks that are still fresh in every one’s mind. These posts grab high engagement and reach. Hash tag #ThrowbackThursday is used for the campaign.

Fashion Tips:
Under the hash tag #FashionFriday, we suggested different accessories that can be teamed up with ethnic dresses. This helped audience get ideas about trying new looks for any function. These posts were posted every Friday and got quite a good response.

The Contests

Valentines Fever: This valentine season, we ran a contest named “Valentine Fever”. This contest invited all the love birds to come forward and share stories related to their love and relation. As the valentine season and Indian wedding season were almost during the same period, we targetted all lovers and also the couples who were about to get married. The whole appearance of the page was changed according to the valentine theme. Each day of the valentine week was celebrated for one whole week. Winners were announced at the end of each week. High organic engagement was dervied by this contest.

Love Locked Contest

Love Locked Contest was launched right after valentine fever contest. This was run after the Valentines Day as the love was still in the air. Audience was invited to share their special love story along with picture. It was quite surprising to see the amount of organic response the contest attracted.

The Result

The content on Lalit Dalmia Page is strictly confined to fashion and style. Its driving high organic engagement because of the target specific campaigns and content. Lalit Dalmia has a fan base of over 6,500 plus on Facebook

3x Customer acquisition

25% Increase in revenue

The Achievement

• The Facebook page fan base increased to 6,500 plus.
• The post reach on Facebook showed reach of 1500 plus (unique people who see our posts)
• 34,000 plus total reach and organic reach of 19,500 plus on Facebook.
• Almost 95,000 of impressions seen of any content associated with the Lalit Dalmia Page.
• During the contest, page organic likes shot up from 3,766 to 5,472.
• The organic reach during the contest was 22,061 and impressions crossed the number of 82,000 for the same period.