Sell Your Time


Industry: Service
Discipline: Online Service Market Place
Services: Social Media Marketing
Initiation Date: 20 July 2015

Our Offerings:

Research and Analytics, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Brand Identity and Design, Digital Identity, Brand Communication, Digital Marketing Strategy

About the Client:

Sell Your Time is an online service provider of professionals in the real world. We aim to make competent professionals meet the employers according to the specific requirement and expertise of the task to be performed.


The objective was to start a campaign and create the awareness about the Website and increase the downloads in Delhi and Gurgaon by campaigns targeting the right target group.

The key objectives were:
• Build brand and increase the fan base
• Audience engagement
• Reach new audience
• Create viral campaigns
• Using word of mouth marketing e.g Updating Testimonials of existing users

The Challenge

• The online service market place is a huge segment still untapped with a potential of 100 billion dollars except a few players who have emerged before Sell Your Time , the segment still has a level playing field.

• Our Target audience comprised of two groups one are the professionals which would enroll to sell their services and the second are the employers who would be hiring them.

• The Online service market place is huge but category awareness is still in its initial stages and other known brands are in the limelight while SellYourTime still lacks the recognition with the audience.

How we started off?

Tonality: It was important to create the page that aligns with the brand identity of Sell Your Time. The motive was to give the page a sense of tonality on all the active platforms.

We have used the brands home colors blue and orange in Majority of posts to maintain an identity and tonality of the page constant

Using a Flagship Font: We used specific fonts like Nexa and Dynamo with an idea that audience can relate and associate with Sell Your Time.

The Campaigns

Playing Around The USPs

The offering of the brand that one can work near to the location of your choice and can select own timing was pushed ahead as the communication of the brand.
Keeping in mind the target audience the posts were created which are quirky and funny to maintain high engagement on the page

Our Professionals are Super Hero Professionals

This campaign was to target both the audience groups, one who engaged the audience and had a pull factor to register on SellYourTimewith the notion that if you are a master of your skill then you are a superhero at SYT.

The other group was made aware about the quality of our professionals that can employ to do the task and be rest assured about the work being completed complying with the highest quality standards

New Offerings of TheBrand

We promoted the newly launched feature of the brand to aware existing users and reach more potential users.

This Campaign was specifically to spread awareness and lead to registrations of professionals

Trend Posting

Social media is very dynamic and trends keep on changing

We put posts on the current trending topics and extract maximum engagement and awareness


Facebook Ads

These are different than posts, they are paid and one hasto follow certain guidelines To increase our reach and to target a specific audience is done by ads which streamlines our audience and increase ROI.


The Result

The quality of content created and posted on Sell You Time social media channels was high in terms of creativity and branding. Content was strictly aligned towards Professionals, Work ,being your own boss with quirky and fun factor. The posts showed good organic reach and impressions on all the active platforms. SellYourTime has a fan base of over 5000 plus on Facebook. Post Reach has increased by 50%